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Born in Medellin-Colombia in the early nineties, our company endeavors to provide fashionable sportswear alternatives to satisfy women`s inborn quest for constant beauty, even during their workout sessions. Catering to high order fitness needs, our sportwear line includes a broad range of top quality supplex and cotton lycra colors and designs.

Our swimwear line has successfuly penetrated the market on account of its sophisticated designs, appliqués, and handcraft, all of which offer their bearer beauty, elegance, and self assurance.
Years later we launched "Fashionmen", line of casual garments for those men who don´t mind being the center of attention, and "Tarra`o" an underwear line combining comfort and design.

After a booming growth, our brands have achieved a high position in the market standing out because of the high quality, innovative designs, and competitive prices .
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